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Most of us have heard so many lies from The Godless World that we've quit letting the Bible get in the way of what we believe. But the details of life prove God's real and ignoring Him is the BIGGEST mistake you'll ever make.


With every breath you take more than zillions of complex formulas and functions must PERFECTLY take place both inside AND outside your body or you IMMEDIATELY cease to exist.




There's only two choices as to how lifes infinite perfection takes place. You either believe this endless perfection created itself through pure luck and happenstance like The Godless World believes... or you believe God created and sustains them. It's one or the other teens and there is no in between!

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While you listen to macro evolutionists mock God remember this fact: Even though macro evolutionists believe hearts, veins, and pain magically designed themselves and appeared out of nowhere, these same people would never believe a pop bottle cap could do it!